Saturday, December 15, 2007

Why Karunanithi should sit and learn at Modi's feet

Now let me discuss how quality electric power when it reaches 18,000 villages in Gujarat, it brings about vibrancy and dynamism to the village complexes. Jyoti Gram Yojana On 11th November 2006, I dedicated the Jyoti Gram Yojana scheme to the nation at Champaner in Gujarat. Over one lakh villagers participated in this function. Jyoti Gram Yojana provides continuous three phase power supply to the rural area for upliftment of 30 million rural citizens residing in nearly 18,000 villages. I am happy that the timely implementation of this scheme will provide more opportunity for local employment, provide better health services and infrastructure facility, provide better computer based education to the children, help local dairy and milk testing process, improve the lifestyle of the villagers and reduce migration from rural to urban area. This is definitely an important empowerment scheme conceived by the Gujarat Government for the 30 million rural people in Gujarat.
Thus spoke our beloved people's president Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam. He was prasing Narendra Modi's Rural electrification programme. Definitely Jyoti Gram is a great achievement.

But let us see Tamil Nadu. Ruled by a CM who is more interested in vote bank politics and spends time watching vulgar hip-gyration of actresses when he is not defending the blatant dynasty politics unleashed by the sons and daughter of his second and third legal wives. Meanwhile as this vulgar display of pomp and politics of dynastic perversion takes place at Thirunelveli, Tamil Nadu is suffering from frequent powercuts. But guess what...This is what Karunanidhi's party cadre are doing

So i am sure you all will agree Karunanithi and his cohorts should sit at the feet of Man.Sri. Narendreabhai Modi and learn the basic lessons how a good leader should selflessly serve the public and serve alone and not steal from them for his wies and dynasty.

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Blogger ஜயராமன் said...

ஆகாகா,,, கார்ட்டூன் பார்த்து சிரித்து சிரித்து வயிறு வலிக்கிறது. தமிழ்நாட்டில் இவர்கள் திருடாததே இல்லை என்று தெரிந்ததுதானே!!! இதில் கரண்ட் என்ன விதிவிலக்கா!! புரம்போக்கு நிலத்தை வளைத்துப்போட்டது நீ, நீ என்று இவர்கள் ஒவ்வொருத்தரும் குற்றச்சாட்டில் எல்லோரும் திருடர்கள் என்பதே தெரிந்துபோகிறது. மோடி 12000 கிமீ க்கு நீர் குழாய் வழங்கியிருக்கிறார். ஆனால், இந்த தானைத்தலைவரின் ஆட்சியில் ஒரு பக்கட் தண்ணீருக்கு கூட திட்டம்போட்டு ஏதும் செய்ததில்லை. போகிற போக்கில் குஜராத் (பழைய) தமிழ்நாடு போல வளமாகவும், அதேசமயம் தமிழ்நாடு கச் பாலைவனமாகவும் மாறினால் ஆச்சரியம் இல்லை. இதுதான் இவர்களின் பகுத்தறிவு.



9:42 AM, December 15, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

but it is exactly this reason - that the gujarati can not steal electricity like his compatriots - that he is likely to vote against Modi -

I can ignore that, but there were also media reports of late that the RSS in Gujarat does not support Modi. That can be media mischief, but strangely I have not also seen any reactions to those reports from the RSS.

6:32 AM, December 16, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good words.

11:53 PM, November 10, 2008  

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